Almost, Maybe? Luna’s Veil

Good Morning! As I type this the Moon is passing over us and just barely teasing the Earth’s shadow. We :almost: had a Lunar eclipse. This happens when the Earth passes between the Sun and Moon but the shadow cast from the Earth doesn’t quite reach her.

Credit: NASA
almost eclipse

As you can see, the Moon dances with us and the Earth once more. But what does this mean for our magick and ritual practice?

Honestly, it could mean nothing! My personal interpretation is that the Moon is playful and mischievous and that is a great energy to bring to yourself this time of year. We are ending summer and beginning fall but that doesn’t mean we should lose the play aspect of summer break. This enthusiasm should carry into the new school year for youngsters and for our “harvests” for the adults.

Typically, a lunar eclipse means chaos is reigning. (I just heard all the chaos magicians cheer.) In my experience, (which can be vastly different than yours) when the Earth and Sun and Moon are in conflict so too are the energies of my magick and my daily life. The coffee pot not going off with its normal timer, the dreary, stand-still weather, and of course losing my freshly started notebook!  For me, it’s as if the Tricksters come out to play and give a lesson.

So whether you practice now or not is your path and your calling. We wish you luck in this coming Fall and the wonders our Universe brings us.
moon water

Blessed Be!

Rainer Earthkin