Witches’ Words Have Power

You have heard the age old phrase, “Words Have Power!” and you’ve nodded along and went, “Of course! This is common knowledge!”

Have you ever wondered why though? Why do words hold power? Pictures, words, stones, a sachet of herbs. All of these hold power because of our intent when using them. These phrases and items energetically resonate with us.

Jewish and Christian creation stories tell of God creating the Universe through spoken word: “And God said…”

But why words? Why tools or pictures or any other physical item? Isn’t magic just power of mind to direct energy to create change?

Well yes it is. An undisciplined mind or straying concentration won’t get the job done for magic. You could create something very unintended if you aren’t careful.

However, the reason for tools and scents and appealing to the senses is so important is because it helps you to help open up and facilitate a shift in consciousness. To go from 90 miles a minute to being still and steady. In working magic, I must slow down and feel and listen. The world is constantly chattering if we only learn to hear it. The birds outside my window. The dog barking in the distance. The wind that bites with cold as I walk to my car. The sway of trees. All of it has messages.

So as I learn to listen, I learn the language and I learn to speak back. With concentrated mind and breath I send out my own message in the world.

A whisper of love.
A cheer of positivity.
A low-tone of acceptance.
I create and embody the change I wish to see in my world.

All with my words of power.


Blessed Be,

Rainer Earthkin

She Dances and We Worship

The Divine Feminine at her core is life and creation. When the feminine is not hampered or weighed down by expectations and untruth, she is wholly free and completely wild in her creation.

She dances and moves creating powerful energies. Healing energy. Releasing energy. She becomes one with the fire and one with her whole being. Hips swaying and body undulating, she is at peace within her soul.

When she can tap into her true power, she pours out love in everything she does. She soothes soulful wounds and prunes flowers and herbs. She nurtures and brings forth blossoming souls and fresh greenery for us to admire.

A woman who is in tune with her truths and her strengths will create entire new landscapes in her life. Little rituals of talking to birds, gardening zen spaces, and mastering her realm one list item at a time, forges a new path in her world.

The divine female sits with life’s hurts and listens and washes away the oozing of the mundane. The divine female should intimidate you by how much joy she brings to your life. By her hand, you are loved. By her hand, you are empowered.

Celebrate her. Worship her. Give thanks for her sacrifices to bring forth the light into your life.


Divine Feminine