Element of Spirit

With my soul connected to the four elements, I call upon and feel the last one. The Element of Spirit.

It is a void and a light. An energy that runs through each element and every being on the earth. We are all connected to each other and reflections of one another.

The Element of Spirit is thought by many to be a void. Unknowable, untouchable, and out of our comprehension.

To myself, the element of Spirit is found only when all the other elements are balanced and harmonious. It is found inside each of us. A spark, a light. A scale of balance. Achieving this balance is a tough task for everything in our life is in constant motion.

Spirit is said to be the perfect balance of light and dark together.

“In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang describe how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another.”

Each element of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water come from Spirit. They are born from it and each gain their powers from it.

On the altar, I bring representations of each element to remind myself to keep each in balance. This is especially true in spell-work. Candle magick is very much Fire-based but I need to remember that too much Fire is destruction.

I see the salt of Earth on my altar and I am reminded that no amount of spell-work will manifest what I want if I do not do the work on a physical level.

I see the smoke rising from Air and I am reminded to think everything through and to be aware of consequences.

I see the candle’s bright Fire and I am reminded that I must want and desire this change. There is no halfway on this.

I see the seashells and Water and I am reminded that this spell-work must nurture myself or someone else. That what I do is right and brings about a positive change.

I invite you now to sit with Element of Spirit. Discover what it is to you. What balance do you find?

tui and la


Love and Light

Rainer Earthkin

Element of Water

water spirit

Sensually cool water flows around and past me as I step barefoot into the stream. Soft mud stirs and is carried out by flowing Water. The heat and sweat of hard work is cleansed from my skin. Feeling refreshed, I give thanks for all that Water does for me. Without her, I cannot live.
Without her nourishment, I cannot love or grow.

The element of Water is a manifestation of emotion, healing, and cleansing. Water is representative of purity, flow, intuition, and abundance.

The element of Water is a huge source of living for us. Entire civilizations were born from rivers and oceans. Sources of water made it possible for nomadic societies to settle in one place by providing a means for farming. Water is connected to the heart and emotional transformation. When we meditate and focus on our breath we can feel the rise and fall of our chests. The ebb and flow of this is how we connect to the flowing energy of Water.

As the seasons change so can the energy of Water as an element.
In spring, Water helps us nourish ourselves and our plants. It also carries nutrients to all life forms, including trees through their root systems. In summer, ponds and lakes help keep us cool and refreshed. In fall, we reflect on our subconscious intuition. In winter, Water transforms us and often freezes over as ice and snow.

I ask that Water come to my rituals to aid me in healing, emotional stability, cleansing and purification of myself, my life, and others.  Intuition, Healing, Tides, and Flow are all in the realm of Water.

Magical Tools and Representations of Water

Representations: Shells, Cups, Mermaids, Fish, Rain and Oceans.
Direction: West
Color: Blues and whites.
Instrument: Bells and Cymbals
Tarot Suit: Cups
Tool: Cauldron and Chalice

We invite you to sit in meditation and reflect on Water and what it means to you. Adding sea salt or Epsom salt to a hot bath, relax and meditate on the ebb and flow of your life.

Let us know what you find!
moon water

Love and Light,

Rainer Earthkin

Element of Fire

Fire Spirit

In the deep, dark woods, I sit with my campfire. Feeling its heat and listening to wood crack and pop, I put a bundle of sage and rosemary on it. The smoke rises into the night and carries my dreams of change to the heavens.

Every witch has candles. All of ’em. But did you know that my grandmother (who is very much NOT a witch) has an interesting ritual of cleaning her house on a Saturday morning then leaving a few candles to burn? Definitely a lovely and relaxing scene. But also kinda witch-y.

The element of Fire is a powerful being in many faiths and religions. It is a tangible source of heat, light, passion and transformation. Fire is representative of energy and desire and purification.

The element of Fire is highly important. Fire is what helps keep us warm through long wintry nights and drives away the dark and wild animals. Fire was a major tool for primitive folk. In older times, bonfires were built to draw the community together during the passing of seasons and holidays. The hearth fire in the home was very sacred. Often it is easier to meditate when a candle is lit. It brings us focus and energy and provides us a way of connecting to Fire.

As the seasons change so can the energy of Fire as an element.
In spring, Fire helps us raise our energy to do our planting that season. In summer, we are reminded of Fire in the blaze of the sun. In fall, we begin to harvest and burn the old that will not serve us in the winter. In winter, Fire keeps us warm and brings our community together.

Candle Magick is some of my favorite kind. From anointing and setting intention to focusing on the flame as it burns down. Something about the light gives me drive to persevere over my obstacles.

Often we focus on Fire in rituals to help bring passion and life to our work. Transformation, Sexuality, Desire, and Heat are all in the realm of Fire.

Magical Tools and Representations of Fire

Representations: Candles, Cinnamon, Wood, Swords, and Athame
Direction: South
Color: Reds and Oranges
Instrument: Stringed instruments, Guitars
Tarot Suit: Swords
Tool: Athame, Candle

We invite you to sit in meditation and reflect on Fire and what it means to you. Using a candle and a bay leaf, think of something you would like transformed in your life. When you feel right, burn the bay leaf with the candle and set in a fire safe bowl. See how you connect with Fire.

altar in bowl



Love and Light

Rainer Earthkin

Element of Air

Air Spirit

The wind pulls at my clothes and teases my hair. I hear the sounds of birds carried through the air. In summer’s heat I feel the wind’s cool relief and feel blessed to know her.

The element of Air is an intangible manifestation of movement, freshness, communication and intelligence. Air is connected to the mind, thoughts and dreams.

During meditation, we can visualize all the pain and hurt leaving our bodies via our breath. At the same time we can visualize all the positive, healing relief being brought to us and in us via our breath.


This is a true connection to the Element of Air.

As the seasons change, so can the energy of Air as an element.
In spring, Air helps us freshen ourselves and our homes. It also carries seeds and pollen on the wind to be spread across the land. In summer, drafts of air helps cool us down and gives us warm kisses on our cheeks. In fall, the air warns us of seasonal change. In winter, cold air can bite and whip, carrying storms with her.

Often we focus on Air in rituals to help bring mental clarity, focus, and starting anew. Learning, Intellect, Dreams, and Speech are all in the realm of Air.

When I light my incense or ring a bell, I invite air to blow over me and through me. With her power, I let negativity be blown out a window or door. The light, playfulness of the wind is welcomed in my circles.

Magical Tools and Representations of Air 

Representations: Feathers, Bells, Chimes, Wands, and Incense..
Direction: East
Color: Yellow or White
Instrument: Flutes and Chimes
Tarot Suit: Wands
Tool: Incense or Bell

We invite you to sit in meditation and reflect on Air and what it means to you. Using a feather, bell, or incense as a focus, think of the things that are “Air” to you. Journal what you find and share with us in the comments as well!


Love and Light

Rainer Earthkin

Element of Earth

Earth Spirit

I ground myself in the Earth below me. Growing roots deeper into her allows me to then reach for the stars and heavens. With this grounding, I become one with my planet and the life here and I feel at one with the Universal powers around me.

This feeling is both powerful and humbling. My existence is a tiny speck on the timeline and yet ever connected to the web of life.

Earth is the element of stability, foundations, and of the body. The Earth is the realm of growth and prosperity. It is also the physical Earth on which we live and the very heart of life.

Ancient people relied heavily on the land for survival; they believed in an Earth Mother Goddess who provided food, warmth, and shelter.

As the season’s change so does the energy of Earth as an element. Rituals and mindfulness can help us attune to those energies. In the spring there is a burst of new growth. In summer, warmth, sustaining energy. In the autumn we harvest and consolidate our energies. In the winter we release the negative energies and fears we have to make way for new growth in the spring.

In the realm of Earth we often focus on grounding ourselves and on foundations in which to build ourselves upon. When I call upon Earth, I visualize of fresh tilled dirt in my hands and under my feet.I am reminded of the taste of salt.

Often we focus on Earth in rituals to help bring about material abundance and health. This element is essential in spells and rituals of prosperity, business, fertility and stability. Earth is a masculine element and governs stone and knot magic.

Magical Tools and Representations of Earth:

Representations: Salt, Pentacles, Coins, Stones, Gems, and Lead.
Direction: North
Color: Green
Instrument: Drum
Tarot Suit: Pentacles
Tool: Pentacle

We invite you to sit in meditation and reflect on Earth and what it means to you. Using a stone, coin, or even an hand drawn pentacle as a focus, think of the things that are Earth to you. Journal what you find.



Love and Light

Rainer Earthkin

Benefits of Spiritual Fasting

5b1c1934f70fff46d04dd0143efa0ec5How do you determine if you want to fast? Do witches fast? Is it healthy? Is there any benefit?

How you determine if you need a fast is up to you. Maybe its a good holiday. Maybe you need a spiritual reset or perhaps an eating/consumption reset. The answer to the rest is yes.

Witches do fast on occasion if their path calls for it. It can be healthy if done right and in moderation. Yes, there are plenty of benefits the biggest including increased mindfulness and a good reset on your day to day living.

This evening I begin my No-Kill Fast. A student of mine has decided to dedicate herself to her path after a six month study program with me. I have taught various classes before but this will be my first student who wanted the full education and dedication!

I am beyond ecstatic!

Before we do the ritual, however, we will both fast.  There are a million different ways and reasons for spiritual health fasting. The idea of fasting is not to be miserable but to be something you do to bring you back in line with your spirituality and idea of divinity.

A lady I know takes a one week break from social media when she needs her spiritual reset. Other religions have various rules on fasting. Only after sun-down meals. No sex. Bread and Water only. One hour or more of meditation each day.

Whatever fast you choose, be sure it has meaning to you and there is no right or wrong.

Today I will discuss the No-Kill Fast.

It entails exactly what the title says. If a plant or animal had to die in order to create the food then I cannot consume it. This fast requires mindfulness in consumption and planning of nourishment. For example, the obvious answer is I can’t eat meat but I also can’t eat potatoes, lettuce, onions, or carrots. Each of these root vegetables had to perish.

Things that are okay include eggs, grapes, apples, mushrooms, tomatoes, and bell peppers.

For me personally, I also cut out any processed foods, sugars, and corn syrup. The idea of fasting is mindfulness and reflection. I am fasting to clean myself and bring my mind and body into focus on the Divine.

Like all witches, I like to do things in threes. So three full days of fasting and once ritual is complete I will break my fast. This time the student has picked Oven-Baked Chicken Parmigiana.


Recipe here: https://www.easyrecipedepot.net/recipe/easy-oven-baked-chicken-parmesan/

Wish us luck!


Love and Light,

Rainer Earthkin











Daily Rituals and Replenishing Your Soul

“An empty lantern provides no light. Self-care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly.”


Often we are swept up in our day to day living without pause, rest or reprieve. Life rarely offers us a break from things. There is always one more appointment, one more shift, one more to-do item.  For me, I am constantly on the run from one job to the next. Morning traffic jams and household lists help clog up my schedule too.

I require daily re-connection to my soul in this bustling era. A habit, a type of ritual, that helps bring me back to center and allows me time to get refocused.

Re-connecting to your soul and re-connecting to yourself can be challenging in our modern, screen-filled, instant life. Even with all the distractions of mundane living, I invite you to take 5 minutes today and do a ritual.

“What?” “5 minutes isn’t enough time to break out all the stuff for a ritual.”

I am not talking about that ritual.

I am talking about taking 5 minutes today to reconnect. For some, the ritual is the making of coffee. Others find solace in watering their plants and sitting with them. Stretch.  Pull out some of your rock collection. Light a tea light candle. Sit with it. Go outside, take a few deep belly breaths and feel the wind on your skin. Got a ritual?

Be present in that moment. Each of your senses open and receptive to the now. Not the chores still undone nor the rush of picking up 2 kids within 10 minutes of each other. Quiet your mind and let yourself be pulled into the simple easy ritual.

See. Feel. Smell. Hear. Taste.

Your ritual is about you. There is no right or wrong in this case. Do what calls to your soul and makes you happy. You don’t even need the same ritual everyday. My Tuesdays tend to be about my herb garden but my Sundays are usually about coffee and candles.

These rituals are divine moments for me. When I am present, I can feel my soul as one and part of the Universe. Open and receptive to the gifts my intuition can bring. These moments refill my light.

So take a couple of minutes today and recenter. Give yourself the wonderful gift of mindful rituals in order to keep your spiritual battery charged.

altar in bowl


Love and Light,

Rainer Earthkin