Benefits of Spiritual Fasting

5b1c1934f70fff46d04dd0143efa0ec5How do you determine if you want to fast? Do witches fast? Is it healthy? Is there any benefit?

How you determine if you need a fast is up to you. Maybe its a good holiday. Maybe you need a spiritual reset or perhaps an eating/consumption reset. The answer to the rest is yes.

Witches do fast on occasion if their path calls for it. It can be healthy if done right and in moderation. Yes, there are plenty of benefits the biggest including increased mindfulness and a good reset on your day to day living.

This evening I begin my No-Kill Fast. A student of mine has decided to dedicate herself to her path after a six month study program with me. I have taught various classes before but this will be my first student who wanted the full education and dedication!

I am beyond ecstatic!

Before we do the ritual, however, we will both fast.  There are a million different ways and reasons for spiritual health fasting. The idea of fasting is not to be miserable but to be something you do to bring you back in line with your spirituality and idea of divinity.

A lady I know takes a one week break from social media when she needs her spiritual reset. Other religions have various rules on fasting. Only after sun-down meals. No sex. Bread and Water only. One hour or more of meditation each day.

Whatever fast you choose, be sure it has meaning to you and there is no right or wrong.

Today I will discuss the No-Kill Fast.

It entails exactly what the title says. If a plant or animal had to die in order to create the food then I cannot consume it. This fast requires mindfulness in consumption and planning of nourishment. For example, the obvious answer is I can’t eat meat but I also can’t eat potatoes, lettuce, onions, or carrots. Each of these root vegetables had to perish.

Things that are okay include eggs, grapes, apples, mushrooms, tomatoes, and bell peppers.

For me personally, I also cut out any processed foods, sugars, and corn syrup. The idea of fasting is mindfulness and reflection. I am fasting to clean myself and bring my mind and body into focus on the Divine.

Like all witches, I like to do things in threes. So three full days of fasting and once ritual is complete I will break my fast. This time the student has picked Oven-Baked Chicken Parmigiana.


Recipe here:

Wish us luck!


Love and Light,

Rainer Earthkin











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