Transitions – Spaces Between

February’s Pagan Blog Project topic is about Transitions.

In my experience transitions are some of the most uncomfortable yet profound places to be. When a caterpillar transitions to a butterfly, it is entirely reformed. It builds the cocoon and feels itself dissolve it nothing more than goo. Painful reforming happens at this time. It gains wings and new senses. It gains the potential power for flight and a new purpose of pollination.

Being in transition is a pause point. Like a tipping point on a fulcrum, we must be ready to take the plunge and have the courage to move through the uncomfortable to find new senses and new purposes.

Things that support transitions are safe places and supportive people. Change is also usually brought about by a catalyst. The last straw on the camel’s back. One burden too many. At this beginning point a decision is made. Once the decision is made then you can begin the moving forward process, the transition, into what or who you want to be and what or who you want in your life.

After you have transformed, their are several feelings and step to go through. A period of self-reflection is needed in order to understand yourself and where you are.

space between