Spiritual Growth – Looking Glass

A lot of the new year is about making plans for the future and looking forward to many goals. Part of this process is also looking back and reflecting on what happened and what you did in order to be able to make decisions about moving forward.

Spiritual Growth is going to have a different, personal meaning to everyone. A Christian woman trying to find her path will be vastly different when compared to a Pagan man finding comfort with his manifestation of energy.

However I believe we can all agree on some loose definitions:

1     relating to the spirit or soul and not to physical nature or matter; intangible
2    of, relating to, or characteristic of sacred things, the Church, religion, etc.

1    an increase in size, number, significance, etc.
   a stage of development  


For me, spiritual growth has been a long steady thing lately. When you first start out you want to know everything. You consume books, media, images, words, and music. Once you break through the soil your growth is exponential. You put down roots quickly and stretch to the sky as well.

If you are unlike a weed this is the point of slow growth. No long are things shiny and new. The excited growth slows and the things you learn take longer to master. Here is the tree-growth. Building layer and layer of bark. Repairing broken branches and sudden chops to yourself. Life happens and our growth can slow to a crawl.

Spiritual growth is not about maintaining that weed-like growth but rather the steady growth of seasons.

So when you look back you see the sapling you were and the fuller tree you are now. Yet even still there is growth to be had to become like the ancient redwood.

spiritual growth